Web Site Design and Optimization

We provide SEO services. At OPNSEO.COM (Online-Promotion.Net) we have been creating success since 1993. We are the oldest, longest established SEO company in the world. Our experience predates the web. We are pioneers in the industry. Throughout our tenure, we have produces great results for clients of all types and sizes. Some clients are corporations or government entities. Others are small owner-operator enterprises that need results on a limited budget. We create success for any company, no matter how small or how large.

OPNSEO is the newest domain for Online-Promotion.Net. The domain is a simple way to indicate our company name (OPN for Online-Promotion.Net) and our primary service, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This new six-letter domain name makes it much easier for us to set email addresses that are easy to remember and easy to type (we all have trouble remembering hyphens and some of us can't seem to type a three-sylable word without a typo!).

We use this domain to develop and preview files while we build new sites for our clients. Most of these files are hidden, not available for public viewing. The pages you see here are simply an entrée, an introduction so to speak, to our main public domains, www.online-promotion.net and www.sptfirecomputers.com. We welcome your queries and ask you to use these few pages to link directly to our main sites.

If you already have a website and are looking for information on search engine optimization (about half of our clients come to us already in possession of sites that look good but don't produce enough business), you might want to start at www.online-promotion.net. If you have an older site and need a new website design or if you don't have a website at all, you should probably start at www.sptfirecomputers.com.

Our experience gives us a strong technical foundation and deep understanding of how search engines really work and why particular aspects of a website interact with off-site factors related to search. This gives us an edge over younger web marketing companies. We grew up with the search engines. We saw Google and Yahoo when they Stanford University research projects. We worked with the creators. We pioneered many of the online marketing techniques used today.

We stay current by engaging in constant research. The web marketplace is still evolving at an incredible rate. The very nature of the web dictates that change remains fast and constant. For example, let's look at Google in 2010, Google changed their search algoritm more than once per day (358 changes)! We try to spend at least one-third of our time on search engine research, finding and understaning the affect of these changes.

Our online marketing is not limited to search engine optimization. Social networking is a powerful, necessary undertaking that must be well planned and managed so that it produces the most direct benefit without dominating our clients' management hours. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are powerhouse influencers on how well your business prospers online. A blog that is not focused and targeted can be a curse, but we can turn it into a blessing with a focused, streamlined strategy and implementation.

We hope you find what you need on our web sites. We hope you contact us for a discussion of your online opportunities and goals. We look forward to helping create your online success.